….. Moving to the face

Once I got reasonably confident with drawing manga style eyes, I decided to try out drawing the full face.

This drawing was the first full manga face that I attempted.

First ever manga drawing attempted

I got to this stage by following a youtube tutorial by Sophie-Chan step by step. Before attempting the drawing, I watched the video over and over again to get a feel for it first. Although a skilled professional, Sophie-Cha drew in the guiding lines for the benefit of the complete novice like me (I have a link to the tutorial at the end of the post); and it was a real help!

The circles and lines helped place the eyes, the mouth and the chin.

Yes, the video made it look easy — but coming from someone who has done these kind of drawings for a while, it would be.

Time and again, I reached for the rubber and the ruler, I even got something to draw the large circle in! (seeing as I couldn’t do a perfect circle without aid) but, I didn’t give up. I came up with the result above.¬†If you click on the drawing above and magnify it, you can just make out the guiding lines that I drew in.

You will see later in the journey much improved manga pictures (guaranteed¬†– they’re done); but I wouldn’t have got that far without this first step.

Here is the tutorial that helped me. The first thing you will notice is the anime style sound-track behind the video, which i’ve grown to love about her tutorials. The next thing you will notice, is the simplicity of it all. But really, the great thing about this kind of art is that it really is simple in style. Might not seem so at the start, but once you practice, you will definitely get it.

I’m starting to get it……….

I almost forgot to add this tutorial video too. Here, we’ve got a slow drawing using the rules defined in the tutorial above. In fact, I was using this second one the most on my first drawing. Hope you enjoy. Please subscribe to Sophie-Chan’s channel too. There are plenty more videos on there.

I hope this post was helpful to you.

Next time, I will share my second full face drawing. This time, I didn’t copy anything or follow a tutorial. I just did this free-style based on what I picked up to that point.

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Oh, and please remember, all my drawings are copyrighted to me, all rights reserved. The tutorial embedded here from youtube is copyrighted to Sophie-Chan all rights reserved.

Until next time……