Starting with the Eyes……..

With my enthusiasm set ……… armed with freshly purchased pencil sets (both colour and 12 sketching grades), a rubber, a sharpener, and fineliner pens .. I was ready to start.

Alas, it took me a few days to make my first drawing. I used the first few days of my journey to literally just look at manga drawings, animes (plenty of those) and online youtube tutorials from accomplished artists in the genre.

This was partly due to my renewing fears of failing and partly the desire to get the rules of drawing manga in my head; so when I watched the anime, looked at the manga drawings and viewed the tutorials with the artists at work, I focused on where the lines were drawn, how the proportions were set out and where the hair hung.

When I finally picked up my pencil, I started with what I considered was the easiest thing to draw ………… the eyes!

And the two eyes bellow were my first of many (both drawn a few weeks ago).

First and Second eye drawings

First and Second eye drawings

As you probably can see… the shading seems a bit out, but I considered it a decent first try. At the very least, I made my first step into the world of manga drawing.

I can’t go further without giving due credit to ‘Sophie-Chan’ who’s youtube videos and website inspired and helped me to get this far. Her website had a very simple step by step guide to drawing the eyes which really helped.

Next time, I will share my first full head drawing which I drew by observing one ¬†of Sophie-Chan’s youtube tutorials.

selection of eyes

More of my early eye drawings

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In the meantime, check out Sophie-Chan’s work and be inspired!

Until next time….