……. Going free-style!

After I attempted my first ever manga face, I originally tried to practice drawing the eyes again. However, I ended up drawing in the the eye-brows, next the nose, then the hair, and eventually the rest of the face using the hair as a guiding line.

The result was this picture.

First free-style drawing attempted

First free-style drawing attempted

Instead of more eye practice, I ended up with my first ‘free-style’ manga drawing without copying anyone’s work.

Overall, I was very happy with this. It seems to have a ‘sweet look’ to it.

However, I wasn’t happy with how the eyes turned out as they don’t really sparkle like manga eyes should. But, it seemed like progress was made over the last drawing. At the very least, this was all my own work based on what I learned so far, with no guiding lines used at all.

As you can see, I cheated a little by not drawing any clothing or the rest of the body, just using the hair as a cover of sorts. This was purposeful as I most definitely haven’t gotten to the stage of drawing clothing decently yet.

Hopefully soon, that trend will change!

Join me next time, when I share the results of my efforts to try out a different emotion in my drawing.

I’m a little behind in updating my blog as I started my manga journey at least a few weeks before I wrote my first blog post and so I have a load of pictures sitting around ready to show. So stay tuned and subscribed for the next chapter of the journey.

Until next time,


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